Corn, zucchini & pumpkin fritters

It’s corn and zucchini season it seems and what a perfect match they are, so I added a new item on my finger food menu: zucchini, corn and pumpkin fritters.

I catered for two parties this weekend, for which I ended up making about 100 fritters, a tonne of smokey eggplant and white bean dip, roasted tomato & eggplant salsa and 50 spicy lemongrass mini skewers.  They all went down a treat I think!


Oh so DELICIOUS eaten straight off the pan with a minted yogurt sauce!


 Smokey Eggplant & White Bean dip



Nonna Chong’s Hanoi Street Food Map

A year of hard work gathering details and visting street food spots around the Noi.  Could think of worse things…  I think people will find this useful and that’s why I’m sharing this on here, but I hope not too many steal all my info!


A weekend of feasting…

Felt like I spent another entire weekend in the kitchen.  Loved every second of course!  On Friday I cooked a feast for my vegetarian friends – cannelloni stuffed with tofu, egg, mushroom, cheese and spinach.  The tofu/egg base had the same texture as ricotta, so I’ve found a cheaper and healthier alternative!  I also made eggplant lasagne and a green bean and dill salad.  It all went down a treat, especially since there are few decent Western veggie options in Hanoi.

After that feast was over, it was on to the Mexican fiesta, feeding 16 people, which took me two days of preparation, due to my preference to use dried beans for the chili and refried beans.  I had a whole lot of masa harina to get rid of, which I had inherited from a former Mexican colleague.  Corn tortillas are so much tastier that wheat ones.  Can’t go back to the latter now, but where will I get masa flour in Hanoi?!  Luckily I managed to put some guests to work making the tortillas and juicing 2kg of limes for the frozen magaritas and blended mojitos. Anyway, here’s what I ended up cooking:

– Three bean chili with pumkin and corn

– Refried beans (black beans, white beans & red broad beans)

– Grilled spiced chicken, eggplant and capsicum

– A mountain of home-made corn tortillas

– From the above, we made baked burritos and quesadillas

– A mountain of guac and chipotle roasted tomato salsa.

It was fun, it was filling.  I was still in a food coma the next day.  Here’s a photo of just a fraction food we had.


Home Made personalised dinners

What I would love to kick off is cooking personalised dinners.  Perfect for a special occasion, you’ll enjoy a menu designed by you in the comfort of your own home with friends and loved ones.  I get the most joy out of preparing full-scale three course meals, as I can get more creative and challenge myself with new dishes…of course with a Nonna Chong twist to them!  Here are some special dishes I’ve created lately…

Seafood Paella

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie

Singapore Chilli Crab

Eggplant Lasagne with black bean “bolognese”

Kinilaw aka Filipino Ceviche – tuna “cooked” in kumquat juice, ginger, garlic and coconut milk

Slow cooked Moroccan Chicken with braised eggplant

Pad Thai

Claypot prawns and glass noodles

Spicy Chicken Laab

Chicken & Prawn Potsticker Dumplings

Potato & Goats Cheese Pierogi

Delicious Dips by Nonna Chong

For the past two years in Hanoi, I’ve been constantly craving fresh home-made dips, as a healthy snack or something a bit different to bring to a party besides expensive cheese or sub par rice flour potato chips.  When I’ve had the time or an event to attend, I’ve made some delicious dips from fresh local ingredients.  Leftovers have gone deliciously well in sandwiches and have kept well in the fridge for several days.  Check them out!

 Roasted Beetroot & Black Beans
Smokey Eggplant & White Bean
Pumpkin, Coriander & Cashew

Roasted Tomato Salsa
Black Bean Hummus

Vegetarian Black Bean Chili
Spicy Minted Tofu Dip

HOME MADE by Nonna Chong

Finally, I’ve decided to try my hand at this catering business.  I know there’s not much money to be made, but what a great way for me to share my love for food with everyone.  I love to cook and eat, but most of all, I love how food has the ability to unite us!

I  haven’t quite decided how I’m going to use this website, but for now, I’m posting some of the dishes I’ve cooked recently to whet your appetite.  If you’re ever needing catering for a function or a special dinner for your friends and/or loved ones, give me buzz!  I know what a challenge it is to find quality non-Vietnamese food in the city of Hanoi.   Hope you enjoy my creations!